INStructor development course

Discover Your Passion as a Scuba Diving Instructor with Pro Dives Vibes at Dive Center Pietermaai!


Are you a water enthusiast looking to turn your love for diving into a rewarding career? Look no further! Pro Dives Vibes, in partnership with Dive Center Pietermaai, proudly presents our all-inclusive Instructor Development Course (IDC), designed to propel your scuba diving journey to new depths!


Why Choose Pro Dives Vibes?


🌟 Experience and Expertise: With years of experience in the diving industry, Pro Dives Vibes has earned a reputation as a trusted and leading diving education provider. Our team of experienced instructors and Platinum Course Director brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise, ensuring you receive top-notch training throughout the IDC.


🌟 Comprehensive IDC Curriculum: Our Instructor Development Course covers everything you need to become a confident and proficient diving instructor. From refining your diving skills to mastering teaching techniques, we've got you covered, giving you the tools to excel in your new career.


🌟 Dive Center Pietermaai: Located in the heart of breathtaking Pietermaai, our dive center provides the ideal training ground for aspiring instructors. Immerse yourself in the stunning marine life and vibrant underwater world while honing your instructional abilities under the guidance of our skilled team.


🌟 Small Class Sizes: At Pro Dives Vibes, we believe in personalized attention. Our small IDC classes allow individualized coaching and mentorship. You'll receive tailored guidance and support to maximize your learning potential.


🌟 Dive into Career Opportunities: As a certified scuba diving instructor, the world becomes your oyster! Dive schools, resorts, and liveaboard operators around the globe are constantly seeking well-trained instructors. Open doors to exciting job opportunities and become part of a passionate community. We take your career aspirations to the next level with our comprehensive Job Placement Program, opening doors to incredible opportunities on the ABC Islands and all around the world!


🌟 Dive Safety and Environmental Conservation: At Pro Dives Vibes, we emphasize safety and environmental responsibility. Learn how to lead by example and become an advocate for marine conservation, instilling a sense of responsibility in your future students.


Don't Miss Your Chance!


Our Instructor Development Course at Dive Center Pietermaai is tailored to make your dreams of becoming a scuba diving instructor a reality. Experience the thrill of sharing your passion for the underwater world with others while creating unforgettable memories.

Act now and secure your spot in the upcoming IDC session! Visit our website at , Whatsapp or contact us at for more information. Dive into a rewarding career with Pro Dives Vibes and Dive Center Pietermaai - Your gateway to the mesmerizing world of scuba diving instruction!