On this page we have a new special every month with a nice discount. We also have two other super nice deals! How about unlimited air or great deals like Dive & Drive!!!?

You can make unlimited independent (shore) dives when you make use of our unlimited air & lead special.

Costs are $160,- for 7 days of unlimited air and weights.

Please contact us for more information or customized packages.

Now only this entire month on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from $245,- for only $200,-! 

The lionfish is an invasive species in the Caribbean so hunting them is allowed (for certain people and under strict rules). We can teach you how to search for, find, and hunt lionfish.


Curaçao offers dozens of dive sites for all levels of divers. Most spots offer great opportunities for observing marine life and spectacular underwater photography. And the best part is, that you can walk right in from the beach ― you don't need to charter a boat to reach these underwater sites!


We will happily share our favorite spots with you along with directions on how to get there. If you would like to rent a car during your stay on Curaçao to drive to different dive sites, we can assist with that as well.