Guided TRIPs

Embark on Daily Underwater Adventures with Dive Center Pietermaai in Curaçao. Join us for thrilling 2-tank guided dives, exploring diverse dive sites, encountering mesmerizing marine life, and uncovering captivating shipwrecks, ensuring an exhilarating dive experience every day.

Westpunt, the Western part of Curaçao, is known for its beautiful beaches and stunning dive sites. During this day-trip you will make two guided dives and enjoy lunch near the ocean.

Experience the underwater wonders of Caracas Bay with a thrilling 2-tank dive. Explore the captivating Tugboat wreck and venture to Directors Bay for a breathtaking encounter with vibrant coral reefs and exotic marine creatures.

Dive into the enchanting depths of Curaçao's night waters. Encounter bioluminescent marvels, vibrant corals, and fascinating nocturnal creatures. It's a unique opportunity to witness nature's enchanting spectacle and create unforgettable memories in the mysterious depths of Curaçao's waters.

Curacao beckons you to dive in and join the fight against lionfish invasion. Immerse yourself in its rich marine biodiversity, hunt these harmful predators, and contribute to the restoration of the delicate coral ecosystems. Explore the underwater wonders of Curacao while actively participating in its conservation.

Explore Curaçao's underwater paradise with Dive Center Pietermaai. Snorkel vibrant reefs, discover the Tugboat wreck, and immerse yourself in Directors Bay's beauty. Experience unforgettable snorkeling adventures with Dive Center Pietermaai in Curaçao.