Every thursday discover the breathtaking underwater wonders of Curacao on our exclusive Westpoint Trip! Join us for an unforgettable day of diving and snorkeling at some of the island's most pristine locations.


Immerse yourself in the crystal-clear waters of Playa Kalki, where vibrant coral reefs and diverse marine life await. Dive into a world of colorful fish and fascinating sea creatures, or snorkel along the surface and marvel at the natural beauty that surrounds you. Capture mesmerizing moments and create memories that will last a lifetime.


As you work up an appetite, we'll treat you to a delicious lunch at Playa Forti, a charming beachside haven. Indulge in local culinary delights while basking in the warm Caribbean sun and taking in panoramic views of the azure waters. It's the perfect opportunity to relax, recharge, and soak up the island vibes.


Afterward, we'll venture to Playa Piscado, renowned for its sea turtle encounters. Dive beneath the surface and swim alongside these gentle giants or observe them from above as you snorkel. The sight of these majestic creatures gracefully gliding through the water is truly awe-inspiring.


Our Westpoint Trip is designed for adventurers and nature enthusiasts seeking an extraordinary underwater experience. With a maximum group size, we ensure personalized attention and a safe, enjoyable journey for all participants. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to explore Curacao's hidden treasures. Book your spot now and embark on a journey that will leave you breathless.